How to Optimize your Freelancer Google Plus Profile Page

Among all other social media channels, Google Plus probably has the least popularity among the users. But, if you think in SEO perspective, it has the greatest influence on online performance especially in organic SERP.

No matter, whether it’s your personal profile or business profile, if you have a complete optimize social profile on Google Plus, you’ll get a good exposure, at least on Google organic search.

You may think, why?

The answer is simple. Everyone loves their own product and Google is no different in this case!

Google will love you, if you use their products and services on a regular basis. When you use their product, you’ll become Google’s client and client satisfaction is the ultimate goal for all service providers.

I even check this personally on several occasions. I created multiple profiles on most popular platforms within one week, but every time Google Plus profile is the first one that comes on the top of organic SERP.

So, by now, if you are convinced with my logic, then stick with me as I am going to share how to optimize your Freelancer Google plus Profile properly that brings the maximum exposure in organic search engine results page.

Step by step process to optimize G+ profile

  • I assume that you already have a Google account and you’re now on your Gmail dashboard. On the top right corner of your dashboard, you can see a square bar. Click on it and you can find a list of Google products. Click on the Google Plus as like shown in the image and it will take you to the Google Plus page. Alternatively, you can also go directly to this URL,

1.Google Plus Profile Optimization - Freelancers HUB

  • On the left side, you can find a column with different option. Click on the Profile > About. This is the main section where you need to provide all necessary information including graphical properties. Every section here needs special attention.

3.Google Plus Profile Optimization - Freelancers HUB

  • First update your cover image and Profile picture. Remember, you should use the same Profile picture and banner image on every social platform and also marketplace profile.
  • 4.1Google Plus Profile Optimization - Freelancers HUBAfter you update the image section, click on the plus icon which you can find at the bottom right corner of the page. Clicking on this icon will pop up a board which you need to update with all required information. Among these information, “Sites” and “Story” is the two most important sections in my point of view. So, I am going to explain few things on this two points below;

4.2Google Plus Profile Optimization - Freelancers HUB

Sites: When you click on the “Site”, a form will pop up like the image shown here. Update the Link section with your portfolio site and blog site.

Under Social Profiles section, give your all social profile links. It is good if you give your profile links on WordPress, Tumbler and Reddit along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

4.3Google Plus Profile Optimization - Freelancers HUB

Under the Contributor section, update with your marketplace profile links. If you have profile link on multiple market places like,, and also if you sell gigs on, then consider include all of them in this section.

Story: Here you can find two main sections. One is actually for tag. Consider writing a quick short bio which must not more than 140-characters length. You should use this same short bio on every other social profile including Facebook and Twitter. This tag will be used as the Meta description in search result. So, use the words wisely and try to include all your main target words in this section which actually reflect your skill and profession.

4.4Google Plus Profile Optimization - Freelancers HUB

The second section is a description section. Here you should write all about your skills, professions and about yourself. You’ll get an opportunity to create anchor texts on your target keywords which will link back to your portfolio site and marketplace profile. But, be careful, don’t put much links here which may looks unnatural. 3-4 links is good enough.

  • The last step is to claim custom URL. When you first open your Google plus profile, by default it’ll give a Profile URL with some numbers.

5.Google Plus Profile Optimization - Freelancers HUB

If you go through my inforgraphic post where I explain the most 10 important on page SEO factors, you can see that I put the SEO friendly URL on the second position. It is the first thing where the search bots first land.

So, if it is optimized with your name which is ultimately your brand name as a Freelancer, then your profile will get top page ranking for your name within the shortest possible time.

To get a custom URL for your Google Plus profile, you must have to have at least 10 followers. Only after then Google will offer you to claim custom URL for your profile.

And in my point of view, it’s not a hard task to get only 10 Google Plus followers. You can ask your few friends and family members to follow your profile on Google and grab the custom URL as soon as possible.

Wrapping up:

Google Plus may not have such huge social media coverage like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. But, optimizing your Freelancer profile on Google plus will definitely give a great outcome in organic search result. Potential clients and your fellow blog followers can easily find you on organic search by simply typing your name on Google. So, why waiting for? Take this opportunity and grab your valuable profile on Google Plus now.

Shovon Joarder

Shovon Joarder has been working as Freelance Digital Marketing Manager for over three years and manage a team of efficient internet marketing professionals on Upwork Freelancers HUB agency. He provides customized search marketing services to business website owners to get ranking in Google organic search.

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