Risky Journey to Freelancing Career and become a Freelance SEO Expert!

It was never an easy decision to become a professional and full-time freelancer. The family may allow you take this difficult path when they see a die-hard willingness, but the surrounding people and situation may make it difficult for you. This is, in fact, not unnatural, because it’s not a recognized profession by the Governments, especially in the Third-world country.

I know this because I face all the hurdles. The journey to my Freelancing career and become a full-time professional SEO freelancer was not that much easy.

I studied general management in my academic career. After completing 20-year of education, I started my professional career as an admin officer in a local but large-size manufacturing company. Since my start, I switched total 8 jobs within 10-years. That’s weird, no? 😉

No, It’s not that I was inefficient or I didn’t have the skill to take the new challenge or responsibility. In fact, both my senior and junior colleagues always depend on me to handle any kind of challenging tasks. They always appreciate my skills. But, still, I switch jobs one after another. Why?

Reasons why I quit my 10-long year private job career

The reason is, I never like to take commands from others. I always dreaming of freedom in my professional life. I never want to limit myself in a 9-5 job. The summary was, I never enjoyed the work or tasks given to me. The job literally makes me suffocated.

I always wanted to learn something new and wanted to take new challenges. Success or fail in the new challenge, both inspire me and give me ultimate feelings of satisfaction.

I learned a great lesson during my private job career and that is,

Don’t ever try do anything what you actually don’t like. Satisfaction is something that matters most in every aspect of life, no matter whether it’s personal or prefessional!

Step into Freelancing Career

As I tried die-hard to find some opportunity to re-start my career where I can get ultimate freedom and satisfaction, I realize Freelancing is something that I can choose. Because, honestly, I didn’t have enough money to start a fresh business.

But the problem was, I didn’t have any technical skills that can help me to kick start my career in this vast freelancing world. On the top of it, I only do have general management academic background which is not much worthy in this business. So, I was looking into myself to find out what skills I do have that can help me to make a stand in this competitive market.

The only thing I found is the English knowledge. I can speak and write in English, though it’s not the super quality, but reasonable. And, I must need to develop some specific skills so that I can stand and fight in this competitive market.

Why I choose to become an SEO Freelancer!

Once I set up my mind to jump into the new career i.e. Freelancing, the second step is to select the field on which I want to develop my profile. In my point of view, freelancing market is almost equal to the traditional job market which we use to see around us. But, the only difference in the workplace.

To choose the right field for my further career in Freelancing market, I select two-three best and most well-reputed online marketplace for freelancing like Upwork.com (previously it was oDesk.com), Freelancer.com, Elancer.com (this platform now merged with oDesk and now become Upwork.com) and Fiverr.

Among all these platforms, I choose the Upwork.com as I feel it is much user-friendly. I open up and account in this platform and start building my profile there. But, the problem was, I yet to decide which area I suppose to focus while I organize my profile. As I have only skill on English writing, so I decided to become a writer and organize my profile accordingly. I even bid and won few contracts as a writer at the initial stage.

But later on, I came to realize that, writing is not the actual thing I want to do. Yes, I do love writing, but it’s not possible for me to generate much income through writing. Here, I must confess my lacking that, as I’m not a native English speaker, so naturally I can’t be that much high-quality writer within a short time. Moreover, article writing contracts are always short-term project. Once I deliver the tasks, the contract will be over and then again I need to search for new job opportunity.

So I start surfing all other job categories. Virtual Assitant, Customer Service, Data Entry or something like these kinds of job categories could be the best options for me. But somehow I felt that these kinds of jobs will give me same taste like the job in a private company which I hated most ;).

Finally, after surfing a lot of job categories, I finally come up with the decision to build my career as an SEO professional. Few things actually influence my decision to choose this field and below are the few highlighted reasons.

Future Demand for SEO Services:

More or less, most of our communication are now based on the virtual world. Start from personal identity to business identity, everything now largely depends on the internet. And the history of the internet is not too old. The virtual world starts growing since 1990 and till now it only passes 27 years. So, it still a long way to go.

I believe, the virtual world will grow more in coming days, at least for next 80-100 years. And, for sure, I’ll not live that much of time :D. So it would be a wise decision for me to invest my time and money behind this because SEO will be needed until the end of the virtual world.

Challenge in SEO Projects:

As I love to take the new challenge, sales and marketing related jobs is the best area of my interest. This field not only give me the challenge but it brings some new opportunity for me to test and demonstrate my newly acquired skills.

Moreover, search algorithms are always updating. According to Moz, Google usually updates its algorithm average 500-600 times a year. Every time an update means a new challenge for an SEO professional and it thrills me most.

SEO Projects can Assure Long-Term income:

It usually takes few months to see the outcome of organic SEO campaign. So, whenever a client assigns a new project, you can be sure that it’ll run on an average for 3 to 6 months. The nature of job actually gives an assurance of long term stable income and that’s what I want. Honestly, it is one of the most vital reasons why I choose SEO as my main profession.

As I always believe in “Go Slow” strategy and love the strategic move, I felt this profession is perfect for me. When I start learning SEO from different online sources, I used to study on an average 10-12 hours a day. And believe me, I never feel boring. The actual reason could be my love for all the stuff. Since my start of learning, practicing and providing services to my clients, I never feel stressed for a single moment although I use to work for more than 60hours/week. This time, I again learn the same thing that, “Satisfaction is everything, no matter whether it’s personal or Professional life”.


Shovon Joarder

Shovon Joarder has been working as Freelance Digital Marketing Manager for over three years and manage a team of efficient internet marketing professionals on Upwork Freelancers HUB agency. He provides customized search marketing services to business website owners to get ranking in Google organic search.